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The arguments presented seem reasonable from Microsoft's point of view - basically that things have moved on and the work needed to bring VB6 into the modern world of web apps and cloud computing would be too much. The team's response also points out that while VB6 may be gone the runtime is still included in Windows 8 and the promise is to support it until at least But it Unwilling to open source it, I can't forgive Microsoft. Back in the early days of. Now it isn't even clear that Microsoft wants to support.

NET let alone promote it.

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Microsoft seems happy to exploit open source software for its own use - JavaScript, Python and so on - but open sourcing its proprietary code is another matter. There is also the argument that Microsoft isn't particularly interested in Visual Basic.

Programming Distributed Applications with Com and Microsoft

Sten is a UK based developer who started with VB6 in Net, but stopped writing any new VB. Net code in Sten latest comment takes the form of an open letter to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and since I agree with the points it makes and it includes new information we are reproducing it here with the permission of the original poster:. I have emailed you, sent you a Facebook message and posted on Facebook.

As you have not replied I assume you haven't seen any of these. I have asked you for an explanation of Mr.

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Yuknewicz raises several straw man arguments "Current needs ranging from distributed applications and services, to web applications and services, to devices, to new architectures and languages, required fundamental changes to the whole stack" in an attempt to explain why this is "not possible". The reality is that it is very possible, if Mr. Yuknewicz does not understand we can explain the details to him.

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Again, these changes are very possible - you have already done them in VBA 7. Whilst most VB6 developers would prefer that Microsoft did these modifications and that VB6 remained a Microsoft product, if you are not willing to do this then Microsoft has a duty to safeguard the investment of VB6 developers by open sourcing VB6. Yuknewicz again refuses, stating that is "not feasible" to open source VB6.

Presumably the reason it is "not feasible" is a business decision rather than a technical one. If your concern is that the language is still current in VBA presumably you could license the VBA element to the community - certainly whatever objections you may have cannot be insurmountable. Even Mr.

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Yuknewicz admits Microsoft will have to continue supporting VB6 until 'at least' Work with a database preferably SQL. Use the Windows NT operating system. Performanced-based objectives Recognize how distributed applications address the challenges of rapidly evolving business and computing needs. Describe design and development phases as they apply to distributed applications.

NET programming. Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic. Recommend Documents.

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